How To Discipline Children and Teach Morals

Our kids are the next generation, and it’s important that we teach them good morals and behaviors. All around the world, especially in western countries, we can see the lack of disciple in many children. It’s time we take the step and teach our kids how to respect authority. I’m going to share with you one simple principle that will radically change the way you view discipline!

The Big Picture About Parenting

Before we get our feet wet, it’s important to realize our faults as parents and teachers. Knowing the problem and realizing we have to change our way of thinking, makes the issue 50% solved.

Without proper authority established in a child’s life; will lead to terrible outcomes in their future. For instance: 8 out of 10 youth in prison come from fatherless homes.

Many women without strong fathers in their lives also end up from one broken relationship to the next; one marriage to the next. Secretly in search for their lost father, or a father figure. Not saying that all children are handicapped when they don’t have a father, but they do need a father figure. Somebody they can look up to and have as a mentor. These statistics are painful, but they don’t have to affect your family!

The biggest problem adults have with raising and discipline their children, is that they don’t bless them. Of course some parents don’t even punish for wrong behavior, but the opposite effect can happen if that’s all you do is punish! Ever notice in Jewish cultures how the next generation is always so blessed? They grow up with self-worth and confidence that they can take on the world. Well, that’s because their parents speak life into them! Each day without fail, their parents are telling them what a great success they will become, and that their future well be great! How can’t their children be inspired to do their best and make their parents proud after hearing this? I pray that you can speak this blessing over your spouse as well!

Teaching Isn’t So Hard!

So what is it about this Jewish culture that is so different from the way American Christians live? I’d guess that it has to do with the covenant relationship that is talked about in the Bible. A covenant relationship is a vow that isn’t based on conditions. Many secular Christians are so used to relationships being tied with conditions, just look at the dating system! Despite the children doing something wrong, they will still show them love because it’s a choice not a feeling. Showing love by punishing for all the bad things won’t register in a child’s mind. It’s very important to show them love, and build up their self-worth. Bitterness could brew up inside the child if they run off without being told they are loved!

The Proof of Love

Remember back when you were a child. The time you got spanked for something you did wrong, whether you deserved it or not. Do you think that after you were punished; your parents hugging you and telling you they did it because they loved you, would make a difference? YOU BET! Again, bless your children everyday and encourage them when they do wrong! Don’t just say you love them, but prove it by squeezing them tight just after spanking them. Whether you think spanking is biblical or not; science proves that those who have more pain receptors learn faster. Let me explain this so that all can understand. Suppose you swung a hammer and hit your thumb, and it hurt like crazy! You’d be sure to not repeat the same mistake again. The opposite can have effect too with different consequences!

Your Kids Will Be Thankful for Discipline!

Guiding your children how to respect authority, will be the most important thing you can teach them! I know that sounds radical, but allow me to put it into perspective for you. One day your little boy or girl will grow up to find a job or get married. When that day comes, the young man will have to respect his boss; the authority. Without properly teaching the young man how to respect authority, then it will be tough for him to submit and get promoted. The little girl will also have to submit under authority of her future husband. If she has been taught properly, then she won’t be contemplating divorce when she has a disagreement her husband. Instead, she will learn to submit by respecting authority, which also shows the spouse that he is loved.

It’s important as parents that we bless the next generation. Our kids will one day be parents as well, so our actions will echo for eternity! Bless your kids even when they do wrong! Be firm on your decisions, but don’t bark at them like a dog. Tell them what a great success they are to become as often as possible! Take the challenge, act on what you’ve learned here, and empower the next generation!

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