Be the Hope for the Hopeless

I pray that everybody is having a Happy New Year! I know I’m definitely excited for what God has in store this year. I also pray that none of you will pay any regards to the Mayans prophecy as its not Biblical. God is not a confusing God and He said the end would not come UNTIL every nation and tongue has heard the Gospel. So if your in a hurry to meet God then pray for more missionaries as the labors are few. =D

“And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in all the world as a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come.” Matt 24:14

We spent Christmas on a boat heading to Cagayan, where a flood had just happened a week prior. It had taken many lives and destroyed so many homes that we couldn’t ignore them. Nearly every person on the team was lead to goto Cagayan after we spent time in prayer, even though our trip was suppose to lead us to a nice white sand beach. There was such anointing on that trip that nobody cared that we played in the mud, instead of the white sand. Even before we got to our destination, God lead me to talk with somebody on the boat. Before the night was over she gave her life back to the Lord. God had strategically placed me away from my team because He valued her life.

We stayed at the Nehemiah House during our stay. It’s an orphanage for sexually abused girls. They were blessed, as the building they stayed in was two stories so they didn’t have any deaths during the night. So many others weren’t so lucky as on the opposite side of the river there weren’t any houses that were standing. Each morning we got to pour into these young girl’s lives with theme of the week being how to hear the Shepard’s voice. I personally was extremely blessed as I got to teach my group about the Trinity. I know it may seem so basic, but its also not being taught often enough. Just as the Pharisees would discredit Jesus, many are now discrediting the Holy Spirit. At night we would have somebody give a personal testimony that would inspire them before they set off to bed.

We were centered around many churches. Two in fact were on each side of the orphanage. On top of having to walk to the pump to get water for 50+ people, we also helped clean the churches and empowered them with prayers and donations. The area we were located had been one of the worst hit areas, as most of the deaths happened there. Flooding was awful and the mud was literally everywhere, in every house, church, and business.

We had a relatively flexible schedule, because after lunch we were able to go in pairs and go where we felt led. During this time I set out with a Filipino, Ian. The both of us had one goal… to evangelize. We both understand that so many people are broken, and searching for some sort of hope. God often lead us to areas that received little, to no relief goods. Later, we were able to go back to those who were in need and supply it. The two of us witnessed in so many encounters that God had completed refreshed/restored their hope in Christ after praying over them. So many lives were touched just through our prayers. Even in my own life I’ve recognized that God is moved by prayer. The two of us were blessed to be able to witness to some Muslims, and give relief packages that included Bibles to many lost people. There are so many stories of how God saved them, then through these situations it would bring them closer to Christ.

Our trip in Cagayan lasted all of 5 days, but our stay there wasn’t in vein as God’s Kingdom spread like wild fire while we spoke the words of the Gospel. Now, it is to my privilege to tell you that our team will now be heading out all over the Visaya’s (middle of Philippines) leaving on Jan 9th then returning March 9th. These 9 weeks of outreach are going to be spent sowing the Word and bringing in harvest. We will be partnering with the local churches and their ministries to encourage/empower them. We will also be evangelizing open air and friendship evangelism. We will be teaching, preaching, and praying everywhere we go. Join with me in receiving the blessing that God has in store for us by donating and covering us in your prayers. If you have any special request for your donations, then please make a note of it.

God bless and Happy New Year!

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