Powerful Miracle Healing Prayer Requests for Free

One of my favorite days doing open-air evangelism in YWAM(Youth With A Mission) was at a high school, because the entire school was changed that day! Regardless that I’m not in YWAM anymore. I will tell this story to encourage your faith! Just a week after, I encountered a healing prayer requests that I can never forget!

It was in the middle of nowhere on some island in the Philippines where we went to evangelize. We went inside this small school of about 200 students to entertain them with godly skits and testimonies. Right after I gave my testimony on how precious my God is and how He saved a drug dealer like me, I gave the call to accept Jesus as Lord. Nobody was more amazed than I was when I saw 30+ hands go up, and then the whole school stood up. The entire 1st and 2nd year of high school said the prayer of salvation. Half of the students said that was their first time praying to put Christ as Lord over their lives. At this moment, I knew the heavens were shaking as it’s written that the angels are rejoicing over one sinner when they repent! How about a hundred!

Healing Prayer Requests to Save Our Souls

Though as amazing as open air is when it’s properly executed, it doesn’t compare to the impact you can make on one’s life when you personally go to them at their home. There were some hiccups that have happened when I tried to go without first asking God where to go, but with God, lives would be changed every time. At one point it seemed that everyday 1-5 would get saved when we went from house to house. Yes, rejections would come, but I’d rather try to obey God and fail; rather than not obey God at all, and never do anything for His Glory!

Half way through our outreach through the Visayas region; God really began to pour His Spirit upon me. My only concern was to evangelize house to house. Compassion had brewed up inside of me for the lost; especially those in the Philippines who were trying to get to God by achieving sanctification through good works. “Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to His mercy He saves us” -Titus 3:5 I put my eyes on God to get some evangelism training which I am forever grateful, and so are many others!

Powerful Healing Prayer to Save Our Bodies

During one of my ventures to evangelize, I encountered some Christians who blessed me with a bucket full of fresh oysters! I really felt so blessed with all those oysters, but little did I know; I’d be more blessed 20minutes after! Just after eating some snacks and trying to make small talk with the translator; the family asked for prayer. I then asked the father of the house what they wanted prayer for. He said, “For my family, for many of them are lost”. The father went on about how his brother is so lost and confused. I insisted twice, “what else?” He said “nothing” each time. His wife on the other hand pointed right back at him and started speaking in an unknown tongue. At this very moment God gave me a revelation that his back is in pain. While it was getting translated back to me what the gentleman was saying, I was convinced his back was in pain.

Sure enough he said, “My back is in pain, for years”. I told him, “God told me your back is in pain, He’s going to heal you!” Then said, “I’m going to pray for your family, and then for your back”. I asked him how much pain is it in, he replied, “My back is at a pain level of 8; zero not being painful and ten being the worst pain”. That short 5-minute prayer will never be forgotten. For I looked upon this grown man’s face as his eyes watered up. Then it was translated to me that all the pain was gone. Glory goes to God, as this prayer for healing was a huge step in faith on my part, which resulted in more confidence in God’s character to heal and break bondages.

Your Prayer Requests!

Had that man not asked, then he would’ve never experience the healing touch of God! I challenge you to ask as well! Don’t ask me but ask God, I’m only an instrument which is nothing without the Player holding the instrument. You can try to achieve your sanctification through good works, but you and I know you’ll never make it. It’s only by the blood of Jesus which you can come to boldly ask God anything, because you are heirs with Christ. Go ahead and ask with faith! Be fervent and don’t give up as persistence is faith.


  1. Audrey says:

    My name is Audrey and my boy friend’s name is Abu and I am reaching out to Jesus Christ for divine intervention to know His will for us and our relationship right now. Do Abu and I have a future together as a couple in Jesus Christ name or not?should I remain with Abu or should I leave him? I am also asking the Lord to completelyretore and heal my severely damaged hair and scalp.please pray for Abu and I so that we can make the right choicesfor our lives, our selves and our relationship and also please pray for me so that my hair and scalp with become heallthy and for all of my hair to grow back. Many thanks, Audrey.

    • Audrey,

      God sees your heart, and I am blessed to read your prayer. Hearing God’s voice isn’t always the easiest things to do as it takes surrendering your own will. When it’s only His voice that you desire to hear, then you will know what He wants you to do. I’m not going to give you any relationship advice other than don’t date unless you are ready to get married. To do so would only cause the relationship to be driven by selfish desire. I hope this makes sense? Though it’s really God’s will I want you to search for. Seek and you shall find! God bless you Audrey, praying for you!

  2. Giancarlo B. Dizon says:

    Please pray for miracle healing of the following so that they may be healed from all forms of physical, mental, emotional, and, most importantly, spiritual ailments and maladies: Matias, Teresa, Antonio, Nesellen, Guilio, Sebastian, Giancarlo, Vanessa, Lara, Jiro, Raine, Christian, Lenard, Anekka, Draco, Miguel, Rosenda, Amalia, Fatima and family, Ignacio and family, Agnes and Marieta and families, Evangeline, Linda and family, Estrella and Angelo, Daniel, Martha and family, Emilia and family, Benny and family, Leticia and family, Honesto Sr., Elena, Honesto Jr., Honellen, Tetch, Kristine and Junior, Soledad, Sonia, Pepito, Gina and family, Erlaine and family, Audrey and family, Karen, Jeff and Mico, April, Tracy and Ronald and their families. Thank you and may God continue to bless us all.

    • Hey Giancario,

      I will be praying for them Giancario. I will be praying that they believe in Jesus as their savior and healer. It’s already done by His strips; the sin and impurities are washed away. God will touch them! I’ve said already said prayers for them, but ask them to go here for a prayer of healing as it’s a video of me praying for others who are sick.

      God bless you!

      • Giancarlo Dizon says:

        Thank you, Justin. I’m glad Jesus has found a way to work His miracles and wonders through wonderful people like you. May He continue to bless and keep you and your family.

  3. Igor Mocorro says:

    Hi Justin. How are you? Are you leaving in Manila? I am currently in the US but I am planning on going back home to the Philippines, without knowing where God will lead me. I’ve been to Born-Again Christian Churches here in California and the church people had prayed for me many times for deliverance, casting out evil spirits and demons. What happened was that I was vomitting, shouting, trembling, etc. For the past year, I’ve been very sick and had chronic insomnia and the doctors put me on psychiatric meds to sleep. Last Sunday in the church, when a Pastor with some church people did the deliverance, she told me to stop the psyche medications but I still take them as my insomnia is still there. I’m still having trouble with sleep. I get 2-4 hours of sleep at night. Sometimes I am wide awake the whole night and tired the following day. I suffered from depression but there are time, I feel okay. I understand that the power of darkness had this stronghold of me because of my sins. I want to return back to the Philippines as I want to be near with my family and I feel staying here here in California could lead to consequences that the power of darkness can hold of me. As I want to live my life for Jesus (I don’t know how long I’m gonna live because of this sleep/mental health problem), I want to move back to Manila, without knowing what will happen. Is there a way I can meet you personally in Manila? Also, if it’s possible, please include me in your prayers and also my family. Thank you Justin.

    • Hey Igor,

      I do not live in Manilla, but have been there and have good friends who live there. I’m glad to hear that you’ve going to church, and hope you continue to do so. I’m currently living here in Cebu, but have seen that most believe “born again” as a new religion. It’s not about religion, but rather having a relationship with God.

      You’ve been asked to stop taking this medications, and 75% of the time I would say the same. Have you gone in prayer asking God if you should stop taking them? What is the worse thing that could happen if you stop? You’ll no longer get good sleep? Not like you’ve been getting any with them. Faith is believing before you see. If God tells you to stop taking meds, then do so believing He will be the one to heal you. God does miracles both in America and Philippines. I’ve seen them in both countries. God can and will heal you! Seek first His Kingdom! Allow Him to be Lord over your thoughts and heart. Either He is Lord of all or Lord of none. If you do come back to Manilla, then I can direct you to a very good friend of mine who has a deliverance ministry. Maybe you could seek out the same there in the states?

      I will surely be praying for you, as it’s my desire to see God’s Kingdom spread through everyone’s heart; starting with one at a time. God bless you! You will be healed soon!

      • Igor says:

        Hi Justin,

        I am back in Manila. I agree with you, along my journey and understanding of reading some verses on the scriptures and related-literatures, I came to realization that it is not about religion itself but relationship with God and walking with God. And it’s not about moving from one faith to another. I haven’t find a church where I can grow here in Manila. I am not sure if you are seeing my email address but if you do, I am interested to be connected with your friend here in Manila. Thank you so much and God bless you for your prayer and encouragement.

  4. dinesh says:

    I’m working in Qatar nearly 4 years but my salary is not increased since I joined company. I have small dream to have my own house in Thailand and settle there. I’m alone and do not have relative who would help me anyway. I can not rely on my brother or sister instead they ask me financial help which I’m unable to provide due to my small savings. With my current status of job, even with overtime work it seems impossible to achieve my dream and required savings. Also I have bad past history of unpaid credit card balance. I’m not sure how long I can work in this company. I can not this of anything and too much worried. Sometimes I feel it is better to die than live a life like this.
    I need help from God I don’t know how it can come. I feel only God has ability to help me in need and answer my need with miracle


    • Hey Dinesh,

      I understand your frustration, but do know God is able! I don’t have any of the awnsers that can help you, but I know the One who does. Just continue to pray and ask God where you should go. There is hope, but you have to understand how to get in His will for your life. Seek first the Kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you. Maybe it’s time to change your way of thinking? If you think the way you’ve always thought you’ll continue to get what you’ve always got. Praying for you Dinesh, God bless you!

  5. David Athanasius Ting says:

    Please pray for me as I facing a broken relationship with my friend by the name of Seth Tan Chee Kang. May God through His mercy grant healing this broken relationship…..
    From: David Athanasius Ting, Malaysia

    • Hey David,

      God is near to the broken hearted, but sometimes these things do happen for a reason. If you don’t allow God to pick your future spouse then, yes, you will be miserable the rest of your life. Seek first the face of God, and “All these things will be added unto you”. God is a jealous God, but He’s also Emmanuel God with us. He will repair your heart if you allow Him to, by giving it wholly to Him =D God bless you David! Praying for you!

      “The LORD is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Psalms 34:18

  6. David Athanasius Ting says:

    Please pray for me in a very special way that I currently facing a broken relationship with my best friend by the name of Seth Tan. Please do pray that God in His divine love grant me and Seth healing and reconciliation so that we will built a good relationship and friendship again.

    • Hey David,

      I well be praying for your relationship with your friend. God will guide you through it. If you’ve done anything wrong then ask for forgiveness. Likewise forgive if he’s done anything wrong to you. After that, it’s in God’s hands.

      “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.” Luke 6:37

  7. Simone says:

    Please pray God will lead us and guide us into all prayer

    • Simone,

      God will most def lead you as you seek His face. “Draw close to God and God will draw close to you.” James 4:8 Our God wants to be found and be heard. Continue to ask Him what His will is in your life and He will show you.

      Praying for you Simone!

  8. Akram says:

    My father Akram Masih got Acute Renal Failure please pray for my father so that God will provide to my father new kidneys. We are in hospital, since 8th November to till.
    I believe God will give new life to my father and whatever the disease God has removed from the body of my father. So that in the hospital, there will be a strong witness that our Jesus Christ has healing power.

    TB, HB Positve, Acute Renal failure

    • Akram,

      Amen! I’m praying with you and believing God will touch your dad in a powerful way. Lay hands on him and pray in the name of Jesus and he will be healed! I’ve seen it hundreds of times! God loves to bless His people! Let me know what happens Akram, more and more blessings to you and your family!

      Praying for you!

  9. mary says:

    pls pray for my dad and myself we both are facing lots of harrasments and insults form my brothers wife (angela and dhwani) pls pray for peace unity in our family and give my helpless brothers the courage to take care of this bad situation and support my dad

    • Mary,

      I will be praying for your family. I know it’s not always easy, but continue to seek after God’s face and as you draw close to Him, He will draw close to you (James 4:8). Jesus is always for families and not against them, forgiveness can start now though. Make sure your dad and you are able to forgive them of any harm they have done. Forgiveness from God is conditional… “Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven.” Luke 6:37

      Praying for you and your family!

  10. menaka says:

    I loved a guy so much.He too the same.Things were getting worse.He does not even want to talk to me.I love by all ma heart.I am very much broken since ever he stopped talking to me.I want him back.I am longing for his love crazily.

    • Menaka,

      Have you stopped to ask God, what is His will for you? It’s important that we pray God’s will for our lives as your future spouse maybe be in future still, who is way better? You don’t know, until you ask Jesus. Though I don’t know what happened, it sounds as though your life revolved around this guy correct? Now your confused as he’s not around now. Don’t you think our Heavenly Dad wants to whip your tears away and show you that He’s giving you a better future than that? Wait on God! Praying for you Menaka, God bless!

  11. Charmaine says:

    Hi Justin

    My boyfriend broke up with me about 3 months ago. I am still heart broken over this as I still love him. I have no idea if God has someone better in mind for me in future. And I have asked God to heal my broken heart and to help me forget about this guy if it is not meant to be. But it feels like nothing is moving in my life and the hurt does not want to go away. And my heart does jot know how to stop loving someone. Pleasempray that everything will work out in my life, that I will get over this hurt and that I will find the strength to let go of this guy?


    • Charmaine,

      I’m praying for you. Know that God is near the broken hearted. (Read Psalm 34:18) If God has put the desire in your heart then you will marry. Do not be anxious about anything (Philippians 4:6). God will give you a spouse when God decides you are ready for one. Until then, seek first His Kingdom and keep yourself pure for your future spouse. Praying for you, God bless!

  12. moses victor says:

    i want God to heal my mother and preserve her life to eat the fruits of her labor

    • Moses,

      Praying for the sickness to leave! It’s God’s will that she is healed. Lay your hands on her and command the sickness out in the name of Jesus. God bless you and your mother!

  13. Eero says:

    Prayer requests: I need plenty more belief, plenty more power of prayer and more Holy Ghost with me. Please pray also that God gives me gifts of God’s grade.

  14. Eero says:

    I need plenty more belief, plenty more power of prayer and more Holy Ghost with me. Please pray also that God gives me gifts of God’s grade.

  15. Roseanna Lively says:

    Please pray that God will bless my marriage and that me and Derek will start to have more fun in our marriage and become closer and become a more fulfilled marriage. Please pray that God will give us His favor with our income tax and unemployment and that our finances come through. Please pray that God will place His favor and blessings over Derek at his job and over him when he comes into contact with the people he works with.

    • Roseanna,

      God bless your marriage! What He has put together, let no man separate. As you both draw closer to God, you will also draw closer to each other! Seek first His Kingdom, and all these things will be added unto you! I’m believing for many blessings financially in your life. Remember, God is your provider not your husband. Looking to man will only disappoint, but looking to God is the only way for a life of peace, joy and true abundance!

  16. Jerome Pierce says:


    TO My Brother’s & Sister in Christ,
    Prayer of agreement on my Health the Doctor say I’d have Sugar Diabetes & High Blood Pressure & I’d also have a head & Chest cold as well. I’m believing by Faith 1st Peter 2nd Chapter & 24 verse by Jesus 39 Stripes I’m totally healed over All of these I’d just mention. When I’d go back to the Doctor on April 9th the report will be that I’ve will be physical bless In Jesus name Amen & Amen thanks, Brother Jerome Pierce

    • Jerome,

      When you pray, pray with the authority God has given you! Speak to your sickness and tell it to leave in the name of Jesus! Devil even believes God can heal you, but knowing it is when it truly happens. When I pray for those who are sick, I don’t stop until they are healed. “The fervent prayers of a righteous man avails much.” In the name of Jesus I command all the diabetes and high blood sugar to leave Jerome’s body right NOW! Thank you Jesus, for you are the healer!

  17. Jerome Pierce says:


    TO My Brother’s & Sister in Christ,
    Prayer of agreement on my Health the Doctor say I’d have Sugar Diabetes & High Blood Pressure & I’d also have a head & Chest cold as well. I’m believing by Faith 1st Peter 2nd Chapter & 24 verse by Jesus 39 Stripes I’m totally healed over All of these I’d just mention. When I’d go back to the Doctor on April 9th the report will be that I’ve will be physical bless In Jesus name Amen & Amen thanks, Brother Jerome Pierce

  18. Sunny says:

    I asked for a miracle, through prayer. Many prayed and my mom died anyways. Please let me have the miracle I pray for this time.

    • Sunny,

      I’m praying for you, though an unspoken prayer is often an unanswered prayer. Don’t be discouraged cause your mother passed away. Seek first God’s Kingdom and His will in your life that you may pray what He desires you to pray. Death is a part of this fallen world because of sin that entered from the very beginning in Genesis. Some get healed from their death bed, others are yet called home to be with God. I’m praying for more understanding in your life. You are not alone. I ask that you seek out others to pray with in your hometown. God bless you Sunny!

  19. Yulia Ottu says:

    Any Body can help me please ???

    Prayer of the righteous when confidently in prayer is powerful and effective. We are praying that someone would help me. If I do not pay my debt right away, then I would be in jail. My son was 4 years old and often ill because he was born premature. My husband also often be a heart attack. My husband was a good-hearted pastor for marginalized people. He does not have a salary. We have a lot of debt because he was often hospitalized. We are praying that someone would help us. Thank you. God Bless You.

    • Hi Yulia,

      God has so much love for you and your family! Don’t stop trusting in Him. If you were to stop trusting in Him, you’d lose your peace and joy because of replacing the truth for a lie. God is always in control. Pray for His will to be done in your family’s life and health, which is that they are both completely healed! Jesus came and healed them all, and God is the same yesterday, today and forever! All glory to Him! “We fix our eyes on not what is seen, but what is unseen. For what is seen is temporary but what is unseen is eternal” 2 Cor 4:18 I’m praying that God shows you great and mighty things! The debt be cancelled in the name of Jesus! I speak life over Yulia’s family in the name of Jesus! Thank you Father for Your healing touch! Amen.

  20. Jane Hong says:

    Hi, my name is Jane and I am praying to the Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ for a miracle for the love of my life, Grant who is currently battling with non hodgkins lymphoma for the second time. I pray for him to be completely healed of this illness and that the cancer be gone once and for all. I pray that he opens his heart tome and lets me in. That he knows I am here for him always and we will have a long and happy life together soon.

    • Jane,

      I too will be praying for God to open his heart. God heals the unbelievers and believers alike, because it’s the kindness of the Lord that leads us to repentance!

      God I ask for more peace and joy in Jane’s life. In the name of Jesus, I command bones be healed and every organ in his body! You O God are the healer! You are the same yesterday, today and forever! Have your way inside their lives that a fear of the Lord is upon them, that the both of them will serve you through the fire and storm! Use their lives for Your glory! In your name Jesus I pray, amen.



    • Michelle,

      I understand your frustration, and God gets it more. We as Christians are called to be Christ-like. Jesus suffered things and never did anything wrong. So we too who are called to die with Him, must be down our own will and live how He so desires. Blessed is the man that goes through trials of many kinds. Choose to be an example, and display the love of God when people come against you. Be humble and pray blessings for those who choose to make your life very difficult! Fear the Lord and obey Him! Forgive so you can be forgiven! Allow God room to work in their lives, while working in your own. God bless you! Praying for understanding!

  22. pooja says:

    Dear all

    Please pray for my husband Nilesh as he is working very hard to buy a house for us as we stay in a joint family and the people around does not give us to stay in peace so we want a house of our own so please pray that we are able to buy a house and get good profits from our business and increase our business and clear all our loans by gods grace and give him good health.

    Thanking you


    • Pooja,

      Praying for your family, and it will be more peaceful when it’s just you and your husband/kids. Even if the house is smaller as that price is not too cheap for peace :) God bless you guys as God leads you to the right house!

  23. michelle m triska says:

    please pray god heals all my stomach problems from meds. all of them, and a hernia during lent. give me back my life and health please…

    • Michelle,

      God is the healer as I’ve seen Him heal hundreds and even many written about in the Bible. We truly don’t know how big our God is! Jesus, I pray that you have your way in Michelle’s life.. You O God are the Healer! I speak in the authority that You’ve given me, in the name of Jesus, I command the stomach to be healed and the hernia to return to the void right now! Thank you Jesus for Your touch over her life! In your name I pray Jesus, Amen.

  24. Samantha says:

    Please god heal and restore my friendship with a very important person in my life. Not having him here still hurts even after such a long time has passed. Please open communication between us and fill our hearts with your live for us so that we may share that ever accepting love with each other. My life feels right when he was here. Please bless us. Please forgive me fir the wtongs i have done you and for my unsteady faith. i am truly unworthy of yiur blessing. Please forgive me also for the wrongs I have done him. No other person you have brought into my life has made such an impact. His loss is a terrible terrible ache. I need your help. I can not do this on my own. I have tried and I continue to fail.

    • Samantha,

      “The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit.” Ps 34:18 Continue to pursue Him like you are doing now! He will mend your heart and give you joy and peace, even through the trials your facing. I’ve said a prayer for you Samantha, and God will continue to put the right people in your life, to lift you up. God bless you more!

  25. THERESE says:


    • Therese,

      God knows and hears your prayers. Sometimes the miracle comes when we lay down our desires before Him. Just as Abraham laid down his promise that God had given him. Then the promise was returned to Abraham because of his trust in God! We have to submit ourselves to Him just as Abraham did, and that is when we will live a blessed life full of peace and joy. Praying for you Therese! God bless!

  26. amilla says:

    Hi. my step sons x. Girl friend is very unwell her name is amilla operman age 29 she has brain tumor and storke. Brain infection she is bed ridden 4 the past month and is in johnesburg hospital since then. Since friday she became very ill just livin by drops of water . Please pray 4 our dear sister amilla operman. I pray lord that u forgive amilla 4 all her sin that was done knowinly and unknowinly we are ur children my lord i stan by u and ask u lord jesus to forgive dear amilla and deliver her from her sin let her recieve ur healing father.

    • Amilla’s Family,

      God bless you as you stand in the gap for her! Also praying for her healing as well. Thank you Lord for the authority You’ve passed on us to heal the sick! I speak in your name Jesus for the spirit of death to leave Amilla’s body right now! I command the tumor to go back into the void and never return, in the name of Jesus. I speak Your life into her that this test will become Your testimony of love and power! Thank you Jesus for everything! In your name I pray, Jesus, Amen.

  27. michelle m triska says:

    pray my gas problems will heal along with my hernia and loose stools, and i quit smoking, and jesus christ makes me whole from past psych meds. and heals all my physical problems from them and sends them back to the source

    • Father, I speak in the authority that Jesus has given me. I command the hernia to leave right now in the name of Jesus! I command her body to return the the normal function and that new organs would be placed inside of her! O Lord, You are the healer! Thank you, that You are the same yesterday, today and forever! In your name Jesus I pray. Amen!

  28. michelle m triska says:

    pray god heals my body producing gas, and hiatul hernia

  29. Paul says:

    Peace of the Lord.

    Please pray for Danielle for Healing and Salvation.

    she as a lot of traumas of opression in the pass relationship and drink problems, she is in a mental stress and alcool recovery centre during the week.

    Please help her praying for her to God change her hart and give her will to go to church and give her live to Jesus, and God will cure and hill her and transforme her life completly, giving her rest and peace.

    God bless your ministery

    • Paul,

      God bless you as you stand in the gap for her! What your doing is Christ like, do not stop! Thank you Father for this man’s heart and for Danielle! I ask that You continue to mold Danielle into the woman she was created to be! In the name of Jesus, I break the plans of the enemy and command the lies to come out of her mind right now! In your name Jesus, I speak a heart transplant to take over her life! In your name we pray, Jesus, Amen.

  30. lavina says:

    i wanted to pray fr mayuresh actaully the relation is broken up with me my name is lavina plz pray for unity between us i beg of u i m distresse plz pry we shld unite again

    • Lavina,

      God is able to mend your heart, but take this time to seek His will out for your life while you heal. Remember how Abraham gave His promise back to God? He was about to sacrifice his son at the alter for God, the one He had miraculously given. Because Abraham had faith in God, the son was returned and more blessings came to him. I ask that you do the same and trust in God. I can’t do it for you, but I’m praying for you Lavina! God bless you more!

  31. JAYASREE says:

    Teddy whom I have been with for almost 3 years. I have so much of distrust because of being hurt in the past. I found out recently he has been talking to his ex girlfriend Brandy . When I asked him he assures me there was nothing going on. She lives like a 4 hour drive away from him. I just found out he has been up there last June of 2012. I am so extremely hurt with pain. He insists he has not been there but I have record from a traffic ticket that he got and it showed he was there on June 2, 2012. I want my relationship to work because he was really good to me and my son. I know there is always temptation at the door. Brother only God can make a man strong and turn away from evil. I am desperately seekiing a urgent prayer request that Teddy will have the will power to turn away from what’s bad and be a truthful, giving, honest and extremely faithful person to me, your loving daughter, Jayasree . I have been mean to him but I have never cheated on him. I urge of you to help me with a pryaer request that Teddy will turn away from temptations where it involves women, especially Brandy and he will be very good to me and my son and he will be extremely faithful to me and not commit and affairs. I also ask for a prayer that I will become a better person like I was in the begining of our relationship and I will be warm, gentle and loving towards him.please also pray that our realtionship will go stronger and closer and warmer. Please pray that Brandy will no longer bother Teddy and Teddy will stay away and never call Brandy again. I desperately ask of you to please pray for our relAtionship. Your loving sister, Jayasree

    • Hi Jayasree,

      I have prayed comfort for you and God will give you His Comforter if you seek for Him! I understand your desire for a relationship. I even understand the need for a father’s influence for your son, but be sure this relationship is from God. At the least, you need time away from him to clear your head and hear from God. If your not married yet, then Teddy should understand, especially if he’s a man of God. If you’ve proven he’s lied to you about a woman, than it sounds like he’s got something to hide. Do yourself the favor and ask for God’s relationship, not for Jayasree’s relationship. God bless your discernment sister! Your very loved by our Father! Don’t give up hope, just trust in Him and always be in prayer.

  32. Fatima Thomas says:

    Kindly pray for my daughter Vineeta Thomas who is appearing for an admission interview tomorrow i.e.17.4.2013 at 9 AM (IST) that she should get the admission in the college with out any proboem and that the test should be easy.

    • Hi Fatima,

      You didn’t give me much time to pray haha. God bless your daughter as I’m sure she made it in college. Continue to walk in the path of righteousness. Seek for righteousness and you will be filled! God bless you Fatima!

  33. cheryl says:

    For the restoration of the relationship between Johan & Cheryl . For all soul ties between Johan & his ex-girlfriend Nanette to be broken. For deliverance from fornication, unholy & ungodly behaviour. For Johan to derive no satisfaction from unholy and ungodly behaviour and associating with people that behave in that manner, to derive no satisfaction from fornication and to feel the conviction from the Holy Spirit to repent and turn away from this behaviour. For Johan to turn from his past, Nanette all people he is connected to through her & for him not to look back. . Gen 19:26,Luke 9:62,Heb 10:37,1 John 2:15. We thank you that the Cross of Jesus is between Johan & his past & Nanette & all unholy & ungodly ties. Holy Spirit bring to remembrance the word sown into Johan Labuschagne’s life this past year from Church, the kindness care & love we have provided to him, the encouragement & uplifting messages sent to him. We cancel out all negative thoughts of his time spent with us that the devil is trying to put in his mind. For Johan to come back and live on our property. To have a hunger and thirst for God and for God to be his first priority. To attend Church, have Godly friends. To go for counselling & to be mentored by Pastor Wade . We Praise God that Johan is becoming a mighty man of God. We Pray this in Jesus Name, Amen!

    • Hey Cheryl,

      I’m in agreement with this prayer. That is God’s will to convinct us of sin so that we turn. Be sure to also pray for “His kindness leads us to repentance”. I’ve seen many turn to God because of His love, not His wrath. It is the love that keeps them attached to God, promise! God bless you sister! Keep praying!

  34. I’d love in jesus’ name to be healed in body and soul, and my career , my family , my finences too

    • Hey Dennes,

      When you ask, be specific :) That way when God moves because of your prayers, you’ll KNOW it was HIM! I did pray for you brother. Continue to seek Him!

  35. Sara hale says:

    I pray for more positive energy in my relationship with Gregory so that no negative energy or envy will come between us and positive energy for peace happiness and blessings in my career,I want to own my own business and I need positive energy for it to happen is it is gods will,I pray that God will help me by answering my prayer now, because I am ready for a change in a positive way, so can you please pray for me thank you and may God bless you

    • Hi Sara,

      If it’s God’s will that your together, than you won’t have this “negative” energy. You ask for the Holy Spirit to led you in all things, especially your relationship. That is my prayer for the both of you! He will guide you as well regarding your career. It’s not always and easy journey, but nothing worth having is easy. Seek first His Kingdom and all these things will be added to you! God bless Sara!

  36. Kevin says:

    Hi there,

    Greetings from Macau. My name is Kevin and I’m turning 22 this year, but unfortunately, I have been suffering from a severe scalp itch and hair loss condition for the past three years. In fact, it isn’t just happening on my scalp but also on other parts of my body as well. It is extremely saddening and frightening to see my hair come out in big numbers everyday while I shower. What’s worse, the scalp itch accompanies me all throughout the day 24/7. It just hardly ever stops and the more my scalp itches, the more my hair falls out. It has become a major problem that has affected my both physically and emotionally. I would be so discouraged and sad that I just don’t want to go through the day. The moment I wake up every morning, the scalp itch would always be the first thing to say Good morning to me. When I look at my pillow, there would always be hair. I had been to many doctors yet none of them were able to really diagnose my condition. The medications that they gave me didn’t give me any relief either. Nothing seems to work and my self confidence has since gone down the drain. It’s just so difficult when your just 21 and hair loss has already taken a toll in my life. I used to have really thick hair, but now my hair has significantly thinned out and bald spots could be seen on both sides of my head. There is truly no one that I can turn to but Jesus. You know sometimes I feel really bad that I seem to have put more of my trust in doctors other than God Himself. I used to blame God about my condition and asked Him why this is happening to me, but now I have come to realized that it’s all my fault. God is never to be blamed. I don’t feel so comfortable confessing to and asking the elders at my church to pray over my condition to be healed. They are all bald men and somehow I just feel reluctant to tell others about my condition except for my family. I used to get all moody and grumpy at my parents because of what I’m going through, but it was wrong of me to have done that. I believe that they feel just as bad as I do inside so now I’m kind of keeping all of my depression inside. To think back, I had never really cherished my thick and healthy hair when I still had them. Perhaps me taking things for granted and being ungrateful have brought me to all these problems today. I just want God to forgive me of my sins and if He is willing, cease the itch, stop the hair loss and restore my hair. Other than my itchy hair loss problem, I had also suffered from a nerve injury in both of my hands about seven years ago which took guitar playing away from me. I love music and have always wanted to become a professional musician, but after the injury, everything changed. I even had the surgery for it but it didn’t improve the condition at all. My hands, neck and shoulders would feel stiff and painful all throughout the day. The weakness and tremors in my hands have never become any better all these years. It truly pains my heart to see others who can play music so well and I just can’t do anything about my condition. I would become angry and jealous at them even when I know that it is sin to do so. I admit that I have committed so much sin against God and I believe that the worst of them is sexual immorality. This is really something that I feel very reluctant to tell other people about, but is I want to be delivered from the most. It’s not that I have already had sex with a girl or anything, but my problem with lust is pornography and masturbation. I believe that I have broken the habit of committing those sins, but once in awhile I’d fall back into it when temptation comes. After that I’d feel extremely awful and guilty. Like I have just betrayed God. It’s like a bad cycle that I just can’t get out of. It used to be a habit that I’d get into pretty much everyday, but now it’s no longer a habit. Still though, falling into temptation once in awhile is probably just as bad in God’s eyes as it is still sin. My spirit is truly willing to stop as sexual immorality is something 100% wicked and damaging, but my flesh is forever at war with the spirit. Every time I fall back into temptation, I’d think to myself that my itchy scalp hair loss is probably due to my sexual impurity and sins. Probably the reason why I still ain’t healed is because of that. I can’t simply use words to describe how depressed and lost I am right now and how much I need a deliverance and healing from God. I’m desperately in need of His forgiveness and guidance and I hope that you can pray for me and keep me in your prayers. I need God to make things right and rebuild me once again. All glory goes to Him and Him only. Hope to hear from you soon. God bless you :)


    • Kevin,

      Firstly I want to tell you that your sickness is not related to whether or not God forgave you. The moment you repented (changed your way of thinking) and turned back to Him, He forgave you. When I pray for people to be healed, I know it has nothing to do with the person getting prayed for, or even myself. It has everything to do with God and His promises for us. Speak life over yourself, for there is “life and death in the tongue”.

      Do not be ashamed to ask the elders for prayer. I would get in as many prayer lines as you can, cause God still heals! Infact four people got healed this morning at a church service I just preached at. Though it was a small church, God radically healed them! If it took 10 or even 20 prayers line to get healed would you be persistant in asking for prayer? If you would get healed on the 20th time, would you take the first step and get in line number 1? The prayers haven’t been wasted ever, just continue to seek God and He will heal you my brother! I’m praying for you!

      In your name Jesus, I speak that whatever attack from the enemy is upon him to depart! I command all the cells in Kevin’s body to be restored NOW, in Jesus’ name! Itchiness be gone in Jesus name! Hair regrow in your name Jesus! Thank you! Thank you God for you are the Healer! Pour your Spirit on Kevin right where he is! Thank you for the healing O God! In your name Jesus, I pray. Amen!

  37. warrage says:

    well been suffering from bipolar for the longest ..so i need healing

    • Warrage,

      God will heal you most assuredly! He restores your spirit; born again. He restores your soul; deliverance. He heals your body; healing. God is willing. Jesus came and healed them all. In Jesus name I commanded the bipolar sickness out of Warrage’s body! Thank you Jesus! In your name Amen!

  38. angus says:

    Hi Justin,im Angus from South Africa.Please pray that the Lord Jesus heals me from stomach related issues caused by GERD and ulcers.Ive been experiencing this for the past two years now from being a healthy individual.Im so tired of taking medication and going to doctors.I want my joy and my life back so that i can enjoy my time with my family again instead of them going out alone all the time while i sit at home miserable because of how i feel.thanks Justin.God bless you my brother

    • Angus,

      In Jesus name I command a new stomach in Angus’ body now! I thank you Lord for Your authority that You’ve given me! I step in it now in your name Jesus, I command all pain to leave Angus’ body NOW! Thank you Jesus for your touch on Angus life! You are the Healer! In your name Jesus i pray, amen!

  39. natali says:

    Hello justin, I am praying for a miracle having suffered chronic pelvic pain for four years. God bless you and your healing work.

    • Natali,

      It’s not my healing work, it’s God’s. I have Jesus’ anointing because He is the “Anointed One” and He lives in me! In that authority I command the pelvic to be healed NOW in Jesus name! God Your the healer and I thank you that Natali has faith to ask for others to pray for her! Use her testimony for the expansion of Your Kingdom! In your name Jesus I pray, amen!

  40. Marius says:

    Please pray for my father, he had to do some tests to check if he’s got prostate cancer. Please pray that the tests will show he doesn’t have any cancer. Please pray for his complete healing of all his sicknesses, including diabetes and mental health problems. Thank you for your prayers! God bless you!

    P.S. If you could pray for my mother’s health and strength, for my sister-in-law’s health, and also for my complete healing too. Thank you so much!

    • Marius,

      God have your way with Marius and all of his family! You understand the situation even more than he does. I ask for comfort and healing upon all of the family Lord. NOTHING is BIGGER than you LORD! I command for every sickness to be gone in Jesus name! No more cancer, no more diabetes in Jesus name! Thank you Father for also giving them peace and hope when there seems to be none. You are there every step of the way! In Your name Jesus I pray amen!

  41. Paul Bailey says:

    Please pray for me so that I will get a better job in a better school right away for the new school year in another part of the world. I am searching for a job in another country-in East Europe(Serbia) to be exact for the coming school year in September. Pray for me so that I will receive offers and right away. Thanks. Paul

    • Paul,

      God have your way in Paul’s life! God I ask that you guide his schooling and provide everything that he needs to succeed. You give him the steps to take, Lord Jesus. In Your precious name we pray!

  42. therese says:


    • Therese,

      God I ask for Your peace and love to overwhelm Therese! You are the hope and joy of the world! You are the healer and able to do any miracle. God I ask You touch Therese’s body, heart and mind! Restore to her the thing that was lost, in your name Jesus!

  43. Jillian says:

    I would really appreciate prayer for a husband this year. I need a miracle. I feel like God has forgotten me.Please pray God gives me more hope for my future, I have been really tested in my work, finances and relationships and I don’t understand why so many areas have recently not gone right in my life when I have been faithful to God.

    In Jesus Name.

    • Jillian,

      You are never forgotten. It’s written in His word that your the apple of His eye! It doesn’t matter what good or bad things you do, as it won’t make Him love you any more or less. Continue to speak life into your husband and encourage him. God, I ask you to touch this family as this is the center of what the enemy wants to destroy. You have come Jesus to give life, and to the full! I ask that you give Jillian and her husband peace and joy that is overflowing! Thank you Lord Jesus, in Your name I pray!

  44. angel says:

    plz pray for alphonse my brother who is drinker for the past 30 years we have no money to treat him he keeps drinking and disturbing al l of us he is very violent vernal abusive and unruly restless. he look like a beggar as he has no money and clothes to wear he begs to drinks my mother is poor with not a penny in her hand cannot provide him even with a food. so i request you to pray for his healing and miracle in his life and in our too.,

    • Angel,

      God give wisdom to this family! Restore joy and peace back into their lives even if the struggles are in their midst. Jesus, You have given us authority over every sickness and disease… with this I command whatever has bound this brother to be loosened in Jesus name! No more addiction in Jesus name! Spirit of poverty be broken in Jesus name! Thank you God! Thank you for bringing life back into this family! Salamat Ginoo sa tanan! Amen.

  45. rebecca says:

    A praise report….Thankyou Lord that the kingdom of Heaven is here now. Thankyou for shining your overwhelming light of love and joy into our world now which overflows into the hearts and minds of all your creatures now. All people feel the need now to please you, to pray, to follow your commandments and repent of their sins. Wonderful miracles and healings and visions of Jesus and his loving angels are happening now to all people around the world. All people and creatures live in peace now. All people are now kinder, gentler, more compassionate, more happy, more forgiving, more respectful, more smarter, more healthier, more generous, more mannerly and feel the need to give to others. All evil, hate, fear, sickness, greed, indecencies, demonic forces, plagues of diseases, hunger, sufferings, swearing, and all anxieties have disappeared from our world now. All people are now falling in love with Jesus more and more everyday.The meek now inherit the earth. The world is becoming more and more supernatural now. Thankyou Lord that many people are now buying and reading our book so many people are now coming to know and love you…Jesus is here now to receive his bride. In Jesus name..Amen

  46. Hazel Garcia says:

    please pray for complete healing for my sister Lourdes Genevieve Martirez as she undergo surgery for Invasive ductal carcinoma. total healing..

    thank you

    • Hazel,

      Salamat Ginoo sa tanan in Hazel’s life og pamila! You oh Lord are the healer of everything and I speak life into her sister in Your name Jesus! Nothing is greater than You… no sin, no sickness, no demon. Salamat kaayo jud sa tanan! In Your precious name Jesus we pray, amen!

  47. Suvashna says:

    Dear Lord, right now I ask for a financial miracle in my life, I cannot cope on my own any longer. My financial status has taken huge strain on my physical, mentally and emotionally. I am financially drained. Dear lord I cannot afford to pay all my debts. My salary is not enough to cater for my financial debt and for foo, electricity etc. Help me Lord, help me over this financial crisis. Dear Lord I ask for a financial Blessing a financial miracle in my life please Lord help me. I have run out of Luck Lord and you are my only hope. Amen, Amen, Amen.

    • Suvashna,

      Praying for you Suvashna! I know it’s not easy to always find work, but God can open any door! God I speak for the chains of poverty to be broken in Jesus name! Unleash the overwhelming love in Suvashna’s life! Thank you God for having mercy! In Your name Jesus we pray, amen!

  48. Pastor Thierry says:

    Prayer Request :
    Protection,prosperity,healing,wisdom,freedom,miracles in finances and business,protection and prosperity of his health,success and miracles in pastor Thieringo’s life in Jesus name .

    • Pastor Thierry,

      I’m indeed praying for you pastors. I know it’s a very difficult responsibility that you have that can be filled with many pressures. God bless this man’s life that He may be Your hands and feet! Open up his heart and break it for what breaks Yours! Reveal to him Your mysteries oh God! Thank you for leading him this far, and we trust You to lead him all the way to fulfill his purpose in life. In Your name Jesus I pray! Amen!

  49. christy says:

    Me and My husband are wanting to have a baby, but because of things in the past, neither one of us can do it naturally, and its gonna cost thousands of dollars to have a baby through IVF. This stress is taking a toll on my marriage and faith, I know with prayer and belief that All things are possible with God. So Im asking for a Miracle to take place in my marriage and in both mine and my husbands body and we get pregnant soon, the natural way………….

    • Christy,

      God can make limbs grow back along with putting new organs back into place that have been removed. I’m believing with you that God is able to give you this baby! In Your name Jesus I pray for peace to surround this family and trust to hold every thread together! Thank you Lord for blessing them with a baby, and faith to patiently go through the storm! Amen!

  50. Sushant Grover says:

    I ,Sushant Grover … , a relationship wid my girl got broken , … i want to reconcile with my love !

    • Sushant,

      Jesus desires that we seek first His Kingdom and all of these things will be added. God is indeed able to reconcile the both of you back together. But we must also be working to become more like Him, and submit to His ways. Prayed blessings over you!

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