Christmas Eve Miracle

I’ve just finished eating dinner on a boat as I bundle up into the assigned bunk bed on my way to Cagayan de Oro for flood recovery. As I relax my thoughts I hear the sound of restless roosters and people talking quietly amongst each other. Shortly after a young lady I didn’t know occupies the bunk that is attached directly to mine with nothing but a board separating the two of us.

We greeted each other with “Hi”, but then shortly after exchanged news about what’s going on in each of our lives. Shella’s heart has been broken at the uncertainty of her future, and the death of hundreds of lives in Cagayan de Oro just over two weeks ago. What appeared to be a random bunk placement away from my team, all of the sudden has signs of a divine appointment setup by God.

Late into the night Shella and I are standing on the top deck in view of the stars praying to the living God. She had tears of joy in place of her old burdens as she committed her life to Jesus Christ! The sacrifice of me not being with family for Christmas was truly rewarded by God with the honor of being His servant to impact a life for eternity!

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