Casting out Demons for the First Time

The month of Thanksgiving has come and gone but I’m excited to share with you what God has done during time. Firstly, I want to say that I am so thankful for everything that I have. I’m blessed with incredible family, friends, and church family. I am very thankful for each letter that gets sent to me, whether by mail or email. All of you are in my prayers and I know as I’m called over on this side of the globe that my God will take care of you while I’m gone.

I may have missed Thanksgiving with all of my family, but we at least got to celebrate the holiday by giving thanks to God and feasting. Had everything but pumpkin pie, which has always been my favorite. The turkey was also a roasted pig on a stick; always yummy.

We had Jesus Fiesta soon after, a celebration where we invited all the slum kids to come and feast with us. Of course they are only the kids that we had ministered to over the year as a way to bless them. I don’t recall the exact number but it was between 400-700 people who showed up to eat and get prizes. Also, 17 youth from Singapore volunteered that weekend to help us. Every family got to leave with bags of rice and food. Overall it has been a very eventful month.

This month God also blessed the online ministry in a wonderful way. The traffic just increased at an incredible rate of 230% in just one month. It went from reaching to 600 to 2300 suicidals searching for “how to die” and “I want to die”. Instead of getting the answers they are looking for, they get a testimony of how God saved me. To God be the glory!

The beginning of November our team of 12 went to the island over called Bohol. We arrived on Saturday so we’d be able to lead service the following day and youth service that night. So many youth had showed up and got ministered to. My role during this time was to drum on Saturday, then give my motorcycle testimony Sunday while somebody translated it. God moved their hearts as I spoke about His grace and compassion.

During the beginning of the week, we did evangelism out at one of the busy parks. As soon as I got there I was quickly lead to some rough looking guys about my age. It was at first kind of awkward as I’m not good with icebreakers of any kind, but we were able to connect. It wasn’t long in the conversation until we began sharing stories of “battle wounds”. That was my que to really share my testimony, and give them encouragement that God is a personal God. Before my translator and I left we were given permission from them to pray over the two drug dealers in front of the park. They didn’t give their life to Christ at that moment, but I know my labor wasn’t in vein and they will soon know God like I do.

My birthday was on Thursday and the moment I woke up the Filipinos started to serenade me with songs. I’m so blessed they allowed me to sleep cause normally they wake you up at 5am to do this. It was a great start to a great day, despite having to sleep on the concrete floor and pull weeds in the garden in the afternoon. Also, in the afternoon we began to cook food for the slum kids, then surprised them. The kids were filled with so much joy and of course energy during some of the games. Its always a blessing to be able to witness and encourage the kids. I pray that this week, you too will feel lead by compassion to help someone in need.

This week the speaker came from Manilla, who taught us about deliverance. Just as it sounds, we were taught how to cast out demons, whether a Christian with oppression or a nonbeliever who was possessed. Tuesday night I had a dream that I was at my home church speaking and giving deliverance to some of the people there. Then I told my dream to the teacher, and he said that God wants me to be trained in this. Well, I was of course willing to allow God to do that through me. Wednesday afternoon I got the chance to pray over my roommate while being instructed by the teacher. Most didn’t get this chance as it was a private thing. With bondages, comes things that need to be confessed to release the strongholds.

I began by praying for protection of family and friends; asking for Jesus to cover us by the Blood; and protect us with His angels, then finally establishing authority. Right at that point the Holy Spirit surrounded me and the prayer flowed out of my mouth. As I was praying for my Christian friend, he began to feel heavy to the point of not being able to lift up his head or arms. The spirit of laziness and lust had a hold of him. Soon after he was unable to speak and his neck was nearly on fire. It didn’t last but 20-30 minutes. Then one of the other guys asked my friend to rebuke it once his tongue was released. That moment, he took an outward breath, then peace and joy filled the room. A smile was on every face instantly! He was delivered! Glory to God!

Missionary Stories

Before I get started on how I’m now in the Philippines, I’d like to say that God has a sense of humor. What exactly do I mean by that? Well he created you, haha! Okay all jokes aside… God will hold you to the words that we speak. The words I spoke were to my family telling them that I was going to become a missionary. Since then I’ve had missionary stories to tell from the moment I left America. Radical miracles kept following me where ever I went!

As soon as I told them both that over the phone, then I lost both my jobs within 2 weeks of each other. Yes, I was probably a workaholic to some degree, but God also knew that I probably wouldn’t look into missionary work that fast unless I had more time. Now, realistically I should have been freaking out, but I knew that God was using this to further His glory. Who else could have caused me to lose both jobs like that so fast especially when I was working at the one for 3 years? God is a God of order, and if we’re following His will then there is no reason to question His methods.

Become A Missionary

Of course I was shocked about this event, but quickly realized it was because of the words that I spoke. God was going to give me my desire in making Him known. I could have talked with what seems like every pastor, and missionary that I knew of and then some trying to figure out where to go. I also contacted a lot of different missionary agencies in hopes of finding out where God was leading me.

Missionary Stories

Missionary Stories began when I Acted on Faith!

I was lead by God to look into this agency called Youth With A Mission (YWAM). This agency ended up being the one. Then after much prayer I was lead to Cebu, Philippines for training. They had many advantages for somebody who was in their mid 20′s and of course I was trying to get into Asia, as that is one of the most unreached people. Though, I had this inner sense that I wouldn’t be just going to some tiny island, but instead help disciple. Even now I don’t know exactly what will happen in 6 months from now, but what I do know is that I’ll wait on God to lead me after my training here at YWAM.

Missionary Work

Besides all this training and studying, we have done a lot of work with the slum kids. Most of the time the students only do ministry on Friday, but we were blessed when we got over half a week of outreach in the last week of October. These kids are hands down some of the most likable kids in the world. They are so humble and for the most part very respectful. As soon as you meet them, your heart swells with compassion and you want to meet all of their needs but it just isn’t possible. On top of them being humble, poor and starving. They are also hungry for God. Even one group wanted me to keep telling stories about what God did in my life, instead of playing games!

Early in the third week somebody spoke into my life. God was using this man of God to encourage me and affirm that I’m following His voice. This pastor was teaching over here at the YWAM base. I was definitely seeing that the Holy Spirit was all over this pastor. He said things that only God could have told him, especially when he prophesied over us on Tuesday. The thing that happened next, threw me off balance as it wasn’t expected…

Pastor asked me to give my testimony at church, and he knew nothing about it, nor did anybody say anything to him. What else could I say, other than yes? It was obvious that God told him to allow me to speak in front of his congregation of 200+. Needless to say it went really well, and after sharing my testimony nearly all the youth came up front to get prayed for. I give God all the honor as I myself can do nothing without Him. I’m positive that the Words that God spoke through me won’t return void. Lives were touched and hearts were kindled.

By the fifth week I’m praying for funds to come in, as I haven’t heard any thing back home, and have no way to call. Monday night I had dream of getting $600-$700 dollars. Then when I woke up I had a sense that God will take care of me, and that I’ll have more than enough as a missionary. I told the others about the dream, letting them know that I had a good feeling that God was going to provide all my needs. Wednesday comes rolling around, and by mid afternoon I received an email. The email was from my pastor back home letting me know that donations came in totaling $600-$700 dollars. Praise God! I never really got dreams like this before! It is a very wonderful experience. Now, I will pray about my dreams more, and ask if they’re from you Lord.

As I continue following the Lord, Jesus Christ. I hope you will be encouraged to draw closer to God. If this type of blessing can be on me, then it can be on any one of His children. At the current time of writing this, I’ve been here in Asia for 1 ½ months. Please continue praying for me, and sending support as this journey isn’t meant for me to go at it alone. If you haven’t done so already, subscribe to my newsletter as I’ll be sending out monthly updates.

God bless!

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