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Can God Use Me To Heal The Sick

Can God Use Me To Heal the Sick?

Have you ever felt like God can't use you? Well I sure have! More so as a missionary because of language barriers. But let me share to you a story that will touch your heart and inspire you to be open to God's voice. This story of mine begins with a desire to help … [Read More...]

Philippine Missionary is returning

Look Out Philippines! This Missionary is Coming Back!

The delivery man has finally arrived with much awaited report! Excuse my absence, as I just couldn’t write another email until I had this information to share with you now! For the last 10 months I’ve been back in the states working with Assemblies of God to become … [Read More...]

Great Men of Faith had to go Through A Wilderness too

Great Men of Faith had to go Through a Wilderness too!

Happy New Year! Hope each of you had a Merry Christmas as well! Most of us are beginning to think about our new years resolutions. But may I suggest before that happens, that time is set aside to reflect on the coming year? A wise person once told me that, "If you don't … [Read More...]

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How To Die

How To Die

Are you wondering how to die? I'm going to share with you a personal story, then solve the problem that millions of people are trying to figure out! In the beginning... I was a child as I was being feed milk in a figurative perspective, that I didn't know what this life … [Read More...]

Healing Prayer Requests

Powerful Miracle Healing Prayer Requests for Free

One of my favorite days doing open-air evangelism in YWAM(Youth With A Mission) was at a high school, because the entire school was changed that day! Regardless that I'm not in YWAM anymore. I will tell this story to encourage your faith! Just a week after, I encountered a … [Read More...]

Motorcycle Accident

Life After Death

Here is one of my closest near death experiences that I've ever had. I've had many, but this one had me in the hospital for 9 days of intense care, and many pints of blood later. Makes you think about life after death, doesn't it? The story begins with an argument with my … [Read More...]

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